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The Viceroy Bali
Location: Bali - Indonesia
Profile:  TIO126
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Pool Suite Private Villa 4 Create beautiful, romantic memories in our large but cozy open plan villa. The design of these private villa rooms is modern. Yet the Pool Suites possess many features that transform it into a cozy nest for couples on honeymoon or simply on romantic Bali holiday or getaway. The highlight of this lovely setting is the day bed set with garden and open indoor heated pool. Couples can snuggle together on the day bed, with a glass of wine, as they soak in the spectacular views of the Petanu River gorge. Each of these private pool villas is 150 m2 (1615 ft2) in size. The bedroom is integrated with a generous living space and has beautiful Balinese features. The spacious marble bathroom with separate bath and shower is a semi-outdoor design leading to the heated plunge pool and terrace area. Of course, an impeccable 5 star hotels service will always complement your bliss for two.
Terrace Villas Private Villa 4 The Terrace Villas feature a 'Bale Belong' pavilion perched dramatically over the private swimming pool and river gorge, providing a dramatic yet romantic hideaway for couples to enjoy a private meal or a drink. The vast bedroom and sitting room opens onto a feature bathroom with a designer bath and separate high pressure shower. The Terrace Villas can be connected internally to make a huge private two bedroom villa for families or groups of friends.
Deluxe Terrace Villas Private Villa 14 The romantic ambience of these private Deluxe Terrace Villa suites is felt when you step through their traditional carved portal, which welcomes you to the true essence of Bali. Bale, which is a small Balinese gazebo, perched elegantly over the private outdoor heated pool in each of the romantic villas. Lounging in the balé, guests are treated to spectacular views of Ubud's Petanu River gorge. Each room is 150 m2 (1615 ft2) in size. The bedroom is integrated with a generous living space, spacious bathroom, terrace and pool. Sunrises are simply spectacular, when viewed over breakfast on the terrace of this romantic villa. Two of new Deluxe Terrace Villas have been designed to be handicap accessible with a large area and specially designed bathrooms, they are suitable for the elderly or people in wheelchairs as they do not have any steps and are conveniently situated next to all the main facilities of the hotel. Of course, an impeccable 5 star hotel service will always complement your holiday bliss. Note: Two Terrace Villas can be externally interconnected to please families. This is a popular option for friends or families who want to stay close together but not so close as to loose privacy.
Vice Regal Villa I Private Villa 1 The Vice Regal Villa I features an outdoor sitting room looking over a private garden swimming pool and dramatic views of the Petanu river gorge. With its large bedroom, sitting room, and huge integrated designer bathroom, the Vice Regal Villa I offers guests the space and privacy they require, and the elegance and refinement they expect. A large picture window looks onto a private entry courtyard featuring dramatic Balinese reliefs carved directly into a high stone cliff face, truly something unusual to write home about.
Vice Regal Villa II Private Villa 1 The Vice Regal Villa II features a vast bedroom/sitting room leading to a private garden swimming pool overlooking dramatic views across the Petanu river gorge to forested hillsides and terraced paddy fields. With an outdoor sitting area beside the pool, this villa will be perfect for couples or singles seeking the privacy to enjoy Bali's wonderful sunny climate. The huge designer bathroom features a large bath and separate high pressure shower. Furnished with oriental antiques and fabrics, the Vice Regal Villa II provides a wonderful taste of what Asia and Bali has to offer.
The Viceroy Villa Private Villa 1 The Viceroy Villa is the crown jewel of The Viceroy Bali estate. With two vast bedrooms and a perfectly located open sitting room overlooking a large garden swimming pool, The Viceroy Villa is suited to the most discerning of guests. The Viceroy Villa can be utilized either as a personal private villa for couples requiring the space and privacy of a large ultra-luxury villa, or by two couples seeking to share a unique Bali experience. One of the Viceroy Villa bedrooms can easily be converted into a large formal dining room for entertaining guests, or into a business suite to suit company executives needing to execute business in Indonesia.
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