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The Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok
Location: Bangkok - Thailand
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Hideaways' Review
Think of the Sukhothai, like the embassies all around it in the Sathorn district, as the outpost of another place—an idealized Thailand, tranquil and beautiful, where past and present mingle in perfect, stylized proportions. Then the serene, almost otherworldly aura of the hotel makes sense, even in the middle of chaotic, kaleidoscopic Bangkok.

Modeled after the graceful palaces of the Sukhothai period, the hotel consists of a cluster of low buildings that gaze inward at a series of pools and courtyards. Everything is oriented toward this peaceful center; glance from the open arcades or your guest room window, and you'll be caught by a vista of lush gardens or the glimmering mirrored image of a row of stupas (Buddhist shrines) poised in a reflecting pool. Dine in the pavilions of Celadon, one of the hotel's three fine restaurants, and you may feel like you're floating in the lotus pool while savoring its Thai cuisine.

The Sukhothai's interiors are lavish enough for a palace, yet unmistakably contemporary, from the positively regal proportions of the lofty entrance hall to the elegant and spacious guest rooms with their updated Thai décor. Such traditional luxuries as teak furniture and silk fabrics blend smoothly with more modern ones like private fax lines in each room—and the teak-floored bathrooms, with separate shower and tub, are luscious enough to make you linger for ages.

The service here is just as lavish, whether you're indulging in a traditional Thai massage in the spa, sipping afternoon tea in the lobby salon, or arranging a golf outing through the concierge. All this, plus Bangkok's shopping, nightlife, and sights at your doorstep—what could be more ideal?
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