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The Crane
Location: St. Philip - Barbados
Profile:  WI1279
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Special Conditions: We are currently constructing The Crane Village and at present these buildings are up and are in the process of being painted. This area's projected completion date is November 2008. At completion, the village will offer clients two additional restaurants (Italian and a coffeeshop), retail stores, general store, art gallery, beauty salon, fitness and conference centres.

We have started work on the Park Apartments (1 & 2 bedroom condominiums) which are stituated at the back of the property and not within close proximity to our private residence rooms. Most buildings are already erected with a third going up presently. The estimated completion date for this project is mid-2009.

Work hours are daily from approximately 08.00-17.30hours. In order to minimize any disturbance to our guests, any hammering or other noisy work is limited to after 10:00 AM. Please note that construction work is visible on arrival at the property and from certain room categories (particularly junior garden view suites); however, it does not affect any public areas such as Crane beach, our multi-pool complex, the classic Crane pool or our restaurants.

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