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The College Hotel
Stein Hotels
Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands
Profile:  ENL105
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Hideaways' Review
This is one hotel that could, and does, give lessons in luxury. The lofty ceilings, tall windows, wide hallways, and sweeping staircases of this 1895 building reveal its origins as a school, but there's nothing remotely institutional about its current incarnation as a deluxe boutique hotel.

Where students once chattered, wrote and recited, an aura of sophisticated, unstudied elegance now reigns. Even in the smallest guest rooms (opt for a luxury or deluxe double, unless you like things cozy), earth-tone or gray color schemes, cutting-edge perks like flat-screen TVs, and furnishings that blend the most livable elements of contemporary and classical styles create a suave ambience that makes you feel you're sinking into well-deserved comfort. The spacious suites are especially tempting, with their lavish bathrooms and, in one case, a duplex sleeping-loft arrangement.

While the hotel has its own restaurant, private spaces for parties, and a chic bar complete with a crackling fire in the big old fireplace on chilly days, its best "accoutrement" is its location, quiet yet convenient. The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum are mere minutes away; so is the Hoofstraat with its upscale boutiques. A short tram ride from a stop just outside the hotel takes you to the city center, the picturesque canals, and elsewhere.

In one respect, this is still a school. The College Hotel is largely staffed by students from the nearby Hotel Management School, overseen by seasoned professionals. So if service is occasionally less polished than you'd expect, chalk it up to the learning curve, and sit back to revel in the classy surroundings.
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