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The Cadogan
Stein Hotels
Location: England - United Kingdom
Profile:  EUK168
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Hideaways' Review
Could there be a better backdrop for your London drama? The stately Edwardian feel of the recently renovated Cadogan is not merely staged; within these walls, the actress Lillie Langtry once held court for her admirers, King Edward VII among them.

As suave and discreet now as it was then, the Cadogan plays to its historical strengths while smoothly updating them. One can easily imagine the actress herself amid the delicate Victoriana and pastel hues of the Langtry Suite, or her most famous paramour propping his feet up on the faux-panther ottoman in the richly masculine Edward VII Suite. And playwright Oscar Wilde would surely have approved of the velvet headboard and silk curtains in the lavish suite named for him.

While some of the Cadogan's rooms and suites make the most of their Edwardian atmosphere, others now favor a luxe contemporary décor that somehow seems to have evolved directly from that earlier style. Whatever the look, the amenities are very much in the present tense, from wireless Internet connections to DVD and CD players.

When you're ready to make your entrance into the world at large, the best of London is waiting just outside the hotel's door—world-class boutiques, museums, parks (including the Cadogan's private park across the street, to which guests have access). But just as gratifying as these attractions is returning to the Cadogan after sightseeing or shopping for afternoon tea in the drawing room, or settling into a velvet armchair beside the marble fireplace in the restaurant to enjoy fillet of beef with stilton, and perhaps the rhubarb crumble with clotted cream for afters. Could that be the spirit of Lillie at the next table?
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