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Strawberry Hill
Island Outpost
Location: Kingston - Jamaica
Profile:  WI1204
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Hideaways' Review
Strawberry Hill, a signature mountaintop oasis, offers an enchanting mix of rich Jamaican heritage balanced by healthy conscious living. Perched in the Blue Mountains, and located 3,100 feet above sea level, this unique boutique property houses a Living Spa, a Main House, and twelve handcrafted 19th century Georgian style cottages, including one bedrooms, studios and deluxe villas; each is carefully sited in a private tropical haven with magnificent mountainside and city views.

Also featured is a one-of-a-kind negative edge swimming pool with a day-for-night panorama of the vibrant city of Kingston. Our elaborate botanical gardens, conference room, cozy fireside bar and internationally acclaimed restaurant with a bespoke menu of 'New Jamaican Cuisine' further distinguish the property.

Strawberry Hill began as an 18th century coffee plantation that was originally deeded by the British Royal Family to Horace Walpole in the United Kingdom; the property was named after Walpole's English estate, which was a famous meeting point for the preeminent artists and socialites of the time.

After changing hands throughout the 20th century, the property was acquired in 1972 by Chris Blackwell, founder of the much-reputed Island Records label, which launched the legendary career of Reggae icon Bob Marley.

Since that time, Strawberry Hill has continued the tradition of acting as a destination point for famous musicians, entertainers, Reggae artists, the fashion elite and discerning travelers. Our blend of authentic Caribbean culture and cosmopolitan sophistication, with a continuous emphasis on well-being, makes us a uniquely desirable home away from home.

At 3,100 feet up, and 30 minutes from the airport, we invite you to come experience the mystique of an unparalleled mountaintop paradise.
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