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Scrub Island
Location: British Virgin Islands
Profile:  EWI1435
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Hideaways' Review
As you dangle your toes in the gentle surf beneath your comfy chaise and contemplate the view of that exquisite turquoise sea before you, you find yourself wondering why the pirates who visited this area didn't abandon their lives of crime and settle here for good. Legend has it that buccaneers sailed into Scrub Island's shallow bays for the sole purpose of "scrubbing" the barnacles off their ships' hulls. What a lost opportunity! Like you, they might have had the entire island practically to themselves, with a rum (in your case, rum punch) in hand, drinking in the views and enjoying the good life.

Peace and solitude are exactly what make this luxurious private-island hideaway—the first new resort built in the BVI in 15 years—such a restorative destination. You'll find no crowds, no casinos, and no cruise ships . . . just a small collection of guest rooms and one- or two-bedroom suites topped off by a superb spa, a marina, and a smattering of hillside villas that provide the ultimate getaway. These intimate enclaves are discreetly tucked into contours of lush vegetation, each offering two to four bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a granite-clad bath with rainforest showerhead and roman tub, and a wrap-around veranda with its own infinity pool and endless ocean views. Of course, private butler service each day is just icing on the cake, and a personal chef can be arranged for those special occasions.

Scrub Island's three private beaches will lure you down to the water for swimming, or you can head to nearby sites like The Baths for snorkeling and diving. Take a day to try some fishing, in waters teeming with marlin, tarpon, wahoo, and bonefish. And don't miss a chance to sample savory Anegada Lobster Bisque at the resort's own gourmet restaurant. Ah . . . a pirate's life was never so good!
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