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Belmond Reid's Palace
Location: Madeira - Portugal
Profile:  TPO128
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Hideaways' Review
Follow in the footsteps of George Bernard Shaw, and learn to tango. Take inspiration from Winston Churchill, and begin writing your memoirs, stopping for a stroll through the gorgeous gardens when you run out of words. Make like Gregory Peck, who filmed Moby Dick hereabouts, and set out on a whale-watching cruise. Or simply make a grand entrance, dressed to the nines, at the weekly dinner dance.

The haunt of luminaries and aristocrats for more than a century, this grand cliff-top establishment is as sophisticated and civilized as it has ever been. This is the sort of place where a lavish afternoon tea is served daily on the terrace or in the tea lounge, and cocktails in the Palm Garden. This is the kind of hotel where the ballroom-worthy pillars and glittering chandeliers of the dining room simply demand that one dress the part (although more casual attire is perfectly acceptable in some of the other restaurants). At Belmond Reid's Palace, it's no surprise at all to discover that there is a billiard room and a library, and caviar body treatments offered in the spa, and a menu of activities, from wine tastings to windsurfing, that?s as tempting and well-orchestrated as the cuisine in its five restaurants.

The same high standard of luxury is everywhere evident in the rooms and suites, from the luxe linens and marble-lined bathrooms to the fresh flowers that greet guests upon arrival. Each room has its own balcony or terrace, the better to enjoy views of the sea or the gardens privately from comfortable wicker chairs. Go ahead, relax—after all, you're entitled.
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