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Paresa Resort
Location: Phuket - Thailand
Profile:  TTH112
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Hideaways' Review
Spa-natics, foodies, and all-around sybarites, take note: this is the hideaway for you. Start with the fact that it's eco-designed into a cliff top along Millionaire's Mile, removed even from the placid delights of nearby Kamala Beach, with nonstop views west over the Andaman Sea. Add a generous complement of villas and suites outfitted with chaise-studded balconies and terraces, private infinity pools (only the Talay suites share a pool), and lavish bathrooms, and you'll want to leave only because the sun and sea air are calling—and maybe not even then, since many of the bathtubs revel in fabulous views as well. Round out this picture with public spaces that include a sea deck and not just one infinity pool, but a second "energy pool" of black terrazzo created around a rose quartz obelisk to instill balance and harmony.

But unusual features such as the Dima spa suites and Recipe, a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, are what really make the Paresa Phuket a standout for aficionados. A massage a day keeps the tension away—and the Dima suites cater to the ultimate in relaxation with a spacious balcony designed to accommodate a treatment table, an island tub that floats in the middle of the suite's infinity pool, and a private steam room. Those guests not staying in Dima can still indulge, choosing among a full array of treatments, from facials to massages to pedicures, in the resort's luscious main spa. Both amateur and experienced chefs can learn new techniques in Recipe's cooking classes, run by the Paresa's master chef—and you can even arrange a private dinner party to show off your new skills, ably assisted by the staff. Those who don't aspire to culinary finesse can still observe and taste the wonderful creations of the executive chef during Chef's Table seatings on Friday and Saturday nights, and in the resort's two excellent restaurants, Diavolo and Talung Thai.

With all these gratifications at hand, there's little need to go anywhere else—unless it's down to the resort's beach club to dig your toes in the sand while being served drinks and a picnic lunch, or perhaps for a cruise aboard one of Paresa's yachts to snorkel among the tropical fish at Koh Hong Krabi or meander through the caves at Phang Nga Bay. After all, a little variety will make you appreciate all the more the treats in store when you return.
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* Hideaways Aficionado Club is a registered trademark of Hideaways International, Inc.
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