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Paradise Beach Nevis
Location: Nevis - St. Kitts & Nevis
Profile:  TWI1465
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Hideaways' Review
The early Carib Indians who settled these islands called this particular beauty Oualis, or "Land of the Beautiful Waters." Perhaps an understatement, as the 36 square miles of Nevis are ringed by an exquisite halo of vivid-blue ocean that defies description. And tucked discreetly into a slice of this tropical beachfront, with cloud-capped Nevis Peak at its back and that sparkling water at its doorstep, is the intimate seven-villa resort of Paradise Beach Nevis. A true enclave of escapism, this West Indies-meets-Indonesia retreat draws on sleek Balinese style, with thatched-roof three- and four-bedroom bungalows that face onto either lush gardens or the sea. Each has a large private patio, a full lap pool, and Bali glass walls that open wide onto stunning views and immerse you in the tropical sights and scents of the island.

Looking for help unpacking? Your on-call butler will anticipate your every need and will spoil you wonderfully during your stay. Hoping to unwind with a spa treatment or experience some of the island's colonial history? The resort concierge will arrange everything, from in-villa spa treatments to guided tours and hikes, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and horseback riding. Thinking of staying in for dinner? A Paradise Beach chef will happily prepare a gourmet dinner of local Caribbean produce and seafood in your villa kitchen, and will even provide a little tutorial so you can take the flavors of Nevis home with you.

All this exclusiveness and attention to detail sets the perfect stage for a spectacular destination wedding or special anniversary celebration with friends and family. Simply rent the entire resort, and prepare to have the event of a lifetime!
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