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Ocotal Beach Resort
Location: Guanacaste - Costa Rica
Profile:  ECR130
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3.7 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
How to make like the locals at Ocotal: Fly through the jungle canopy with all the agility of the monkeys and parrots around you. Shimmy through the silent blue gleam of the Gulf of Papagayo alongside whale sharks, manta rays, and quicksilver schools of angelfish. Or simply bask in the sun like an iguana, letting the heat bake away every thought—except, of course, for the memory of that fruity tropical drink close at hand, ready to slake your thirst. The iguanas never had it so good.

Ocotal fits in with its amazing surroundings, forgoing the ultra-manicured look for a style that blends comfort and high-end amenities with a casual ambience—an approach that has earned it a well-deserved sustainable tourism certificate. Everything is oriented toward the outdoors. All of its rooms have a private terrace and ocean view (and there are even true beachfront accommodations, a rarity in Costa Rica). Thatched umbrellas shade loungers about the pools and on the beach. Amazing views of the Pacific accompany every meal at the open-air terrace restaurant.

And then there's the roster of activities and adventures that make amenities like cable TV seem mundane. Every guest receives a complimentary introductory scuba lesson, your first step toward exploring the underwater ecosystem nearby. Sport fishing excursions help you reel in sailfish, rooster fish, maybe even a marlin—but rest assured, the fish are released unharmed by the eco-friendly lures used here. You might visit the Arenal Volcano and swing out on a high-wire canopy tour, coast up the Tempisque River among crocodiles and exotic birds on a boat trip, or simply take it easy closer to home kayaking or snorkeling along the beach. Whatever your choice, it's a natural.
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