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Necker Island
Location: Necker Island - British Virgin Islands
Profile:  WI711
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Hideaways' Review
An imposingly lavish, ten-bedroom villa of spendid proportions is nestled atop 74-acre Necker Island, a private island paradise rented to only one group (up to 24 guests) at a time. Created by Virgin Atlantic mogul Richard Branson, the resort features a spectacular main residence and two romantic, one-bedroom Balinese houses. Among the lavish accents are indoor gardens, raised gallery, sliding roof panels, private hot tubs, and gorgeous, terraced bedrooms with spectacular views. Refresh with water sports, explore neighboring islands, or soak in a freshwater pool and don't lift a finger. An unobtrusive staff of 31 looks after guests' every desire, from serving fresh local fish to freshening cocktails on a private beach.
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