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Mata Chica Beach Resort
Location: San Pedro - Belize
Profile:  BE132
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4.5 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
Accessible only by a 15-minute boat ride from San Pedro and home of the much-lauded Mambo Restaurant, Mata Chica is a chic new hideaway that hosts celebrities, movie stars and the cosmopolitan traveler. This secluded resort fronting a manicured beach is the vision of a vivacious Italian make-up artist and her creative French husband. Fleeing from Hollywood, they designed this labor of love as a flamboyant collage of soaring thatched villas, spiraling bearns, split level floors, exotic collectibles, and furnishings handcrafted from Guatemalan textiles, bamboo, and rope. The Mambo Restaurant, serving homemade pasta and sauces, fresh seafood and lucious desserts by candlelight, shows European flair.
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