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Lapa Rios Ecolodge
Location: Osa Peninsula - Costa Rica
Profile:  ECR126
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4.8 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
Silently, your hands wrapped around that first morning cup of coffee, you take in the amazing ocean view that stretches out before you, all the while straining your ears for the distinctive sound of howler monkeys approaching through the rain-forest canopy. Perched 350 feet above the sea, your open-air bungalow—one of only 16 strung like pearls along the eco-resort’s three lofty ridges—welcomes the refreshing morning breezes that sweep up from the ocean. Ahhh . . . this is a wake-up call you could get used to.

So, how to spend the day? Maybe you’ll join other guests on a guided Early Birds Tour (high-quality binoculars included), or hike through virgin rain forest to a hidden waterfall. Or how about kayaking through a hushed mangrove forest, or horseback riding along a deserted beach? Then again, you could immerse yourself in an invigorating session of Chi Kung or Hatha Yoga, held on an ocean-view terrace with views as pulse-quickening as the exercises themselves. Best yet, you could succumb to an outdoor massage, surrounded by the sounds of the rain forest, and follow that with a delicious meal prepared from fresh local seafood and organic produce. No chef here—the lodge’s all-inclusive meals are created by a team of local men who courageously left their villages to learn refined cooking skills at Lapa Rios, as part of the resort’s ongoing community and sustainability practices. Other skilled villagers have created the woven suiita thatched-palm roofs that top each bungalow and keep them weatherproof, bug-proof, and beautiful. Later, as you pad across your bungalow’s warm wooden floor to your waterfall shower, complete with a bay window to that million-dollar view, you realize this will not be your last visit to Lapa Rios.
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