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Lapa Rios Ecolodge
Location: Osa Peninsula - Costa Rica
Profile:  ECR126
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Bungalow Bungalow 16 Sixteen spacious suiita-thatch bungalows nestled within the rain forest exude harmony and an immense tranquility in this undisturbed environment.

An infinite feeling of freedom lingers in the bungalow's air, while fresh rain forest breezes race in through awesome screened windows walls, forming flawless paintings of the Pacific Ocean.

Warm wooden floors invite bare feet to walk. Soft nets cascade over two bamboo queen beds or one king bed, casting a magical romantic mood. Classic bamboo furnishings are elegantly arranged, while sporadic splashes of green, orange and red private garden plants flower this simply unmatched setting. Unleash your thoughts while resting on your private deck, getting up to pamper your skin with refreshing water from your own secluded garden shower.

Newly remodeled bathrooms invite you on a sensory journey, featuring a dual showering experience. On one side, a stone-laid floor massages your feet as you shower under soft, rain-like cool water, providing the unique sensation of showering in your own private waterfall.

A second shower offers the more conventional hot and solar-heated water with tile floor, perfect for a well-deserved cleansing after a day's hike in the rain forest.

The bathroom speaks light and spaciousness all around, while a lovely bay window and seat, added into the shower's wall, adds a quiet peace and comfort setting to this showering experience. From your shower, gaze out onto the endless ocean, listen to the quiet symphony of the rolling waves.

Life speaks a simple language here, giving us the peace to look within ourselves and find an innocence forgotten, letting us embrace the magnificence of this wilderness adventure.

Due to our fragile eco-system, it is really important to be conscious about the products we use in the shower. Please only bring biodegradable soap, shampoo, conditioner or use our special Costa Rican Aromas para el Alma amenities made from natural Costa Rican products.
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