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La Puertecita Boutique Hotel
Location: San Miguel de Allende - Mexico
Profile:  EMX327
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Hideaways' Review
Where better to retire? No, not permanently (although you may be tempted, seduced by San Miguel de Allende's colonial charm and festive flair); we mean at the end of a sun-soaked day browsing art galleries and churches along the town's cobblestone streets, or after a delicious dinner followed by a splash of late-night mariachi music in the square. When you're ready to leave the fun and frolic behind, La Puertecita is waiting, an oasis of surprising quiet just minutes from the heart of things in the upscale El Atascadero neighborhood. Step into your room or suite and you'll be surrounded by a harmonious blend of Mexican and modern. Perhaps there's a vaulted ceiling overhead and brick-lined arched windows and doorways. Without a doubt, the Mexican-style furnishings are as comfortable as they are colorful, and amenities from cable TV to magnifying mirrors in the bathrooms smoothly anticipate guests' needs. Best of all are the special features in many rooms: fireplaces to warm a cool night, private patios for reveling in beautiful days, and amazing garden baths where you can relax in your Jacuzzi® and imagine you're in a tropical forest.

Suave personalized services such as in-room massage and concierge assistance with booking activities put the "Boutique" in La Puertecita's name. And if you're seeking a quiet sanctuary for a corporate retreat or workshop, this relaxed and inspiring location might be your perfect match. While its main restaurant is excellent, don't miss the chance to dine in La Palapa, a tiny thatch-roofed pavilion perched tree-house—fashion above a centuries-old aqueduct, where you'll be attended by a private chef and wait staff. Perfecto.
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