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La Locanda Della Donne Monache
Stein Hotels
Location: Maratea - Italy
Profile:  EIT237
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Single room Room 4 In the past, welcomed prayer and meditation, it offers a French bed and all that of which guest needs. All with historic center view of Maratea. One with a private garden.
Superior room Room 9 In the past, welcomed prayer and meditation, today receive guests with unique and refined tastes from all over the world. One with a private garden, one with a big terrace.
Deluxe room Room 9 All boasting a suggestive view over the village of Maratea. Narrow and historical alleys protected by luxuriant forested mountains are so beautifully expressed from the window panes. All with historic center view of Maratea.
Suite Suite 5 The spectacularity of the suite, is noticeable in its capony bed and impressive panoramic view over the rooftops of old village of Maratea. Each with its own particular characteristics, such as a spacious bathtub incorporated into mountain's original rock for "La Vicaria", such as a big terrace on the historical centre of Maratea for "La Badessa", moreover, a bi-level suite for "Le Novizie", a private garden for "Le Converse" and a wonderful view on historical centre of Maratea and on the garden for "La Superiora". One is on a mountain, two are on an internal yard.
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