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L'Albergo della Regina Isabella
Location: Ischia - Italy
Profile:  EIT235
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Hideaways' Review
If you've ever wondered what it's like to live the life of royalty, head to L'Albergo della Regina Isabella on southern Italy's sun-swept island of Ischia. From the moment you step into its cool, marbled foyer, you'll be treated like the hotel's namesake, Queen Isabella. The ever-present and accountable staff has only one concern—pleasing you. And this they do with a blend of Neapolitan warmth, wisdom, and good humor that is altogether enchanting.

The Regina Isabella's accommodations are, likewise, a celebration of Italian hospitality. Situated on the shore at Lacco Ameno on the edge of a peaceful bay, the resort sprawls across four interconnected buildings, each elegantly and uniquely decorated. Guest rooms and common spaces have their own sophisticated blend of furniture, Murano glass lamps and chandeliers, original murals and paintings, and finely wrought hanging tapestries. But all share the same stunning feature: original, intricately fashioned Capodimonte ceramic floors with hand-painted Majolica tiles.

Regina Isabella's two simpatico identities—those of a thermal health spa and a stylish seaside playground—work well to each other's advantage. Take, for example, the acclaimed and oh-so-fresh seafood-based Mediterranean cuisine, with its focus on healthy, local organic fruits and vegetables. Or the resort's four pools, which draw their inspiration—and water—from the surrounding sea and the mineral-rich thermal springs for which the resort is famous. So famous, in fact, that celebrities and royalty have been pouring in here since the resort's opening in the 1950s. Perhaps that's why hotel director Giovanni D'ambra and his staff are so finely tuned to the art of treating their guests like, well, royal family.
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