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Location: Tuscany - Italy
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Hideaways' Review
A few words to epicures everywhere: breadsticks warm from the oven with fragrant extra-virgin olive oil for dipping … tender garden vegetables seasoned with fennel … local cheeses and calamari from the coast a few miles away … a light-as-air omelet flanked by fresh pastries with homemade jam …

While food is far from the only reason to visit L'Andana, it certainly ranks high on the list. After all, this elegant country hotel has not one, but two vibrant kitchens managed by Tuscan chef Enrico Bartolini, a rising star whose cuisine combines the best of Tuscany—think aromatic herbs, fresh produce, flavorful olive oils, and local wines—with flavors and impressions brought back from his world travels.

Life here tends toward the casual—stop by the kitchen to choose your breakfast, then take it out to the sunny terrace—but never at the expense of creature comforts; hence the heated outdoor Jacuzzi®, the new swimming pool and golf course, and the still-evolving spa and fitness center. Oh, and you can even attend cooking classes and take some of the master chef's ideas home with you.
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