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Location: Tuscany - Italy
Profile:  TIT223
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Superior Rooms Room 2 A comfortable space of approximately 35 square meters in a refined decor. The bedroom leads to a very luxurious bathroom. Views from this type of room vary from vineyards to olive grove hills.
Deluxe Rooms Room 13 Decorated with Italian fabrics and Tuscan antiques, Deluxe rooms (approximately 45 square meters) are the perfect expression of "are de vivre" in the Maremma region. Both the room and the bathroom feature a magnificent view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. The bedroom is connected to a spacious bathroom.
Junior Suites Suite 6 All Junior Suites are approximately 55 square meters and feature a master bedroom with a comfortable sitting area, a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding hills, olive trees fields, and vineyards. Equipment includes a romantic fireplace. A dressing area leads to a spacious bathroom with a tub separated from the shower stall.
Superior Suites Suite 2 All feature a spacious living area adorned with a stoned fireplace facing a sitting area designed for your comfort and relaxation overlooking either the chapel or the surrounding country landscape. The master bedroom warmly decorated with original Italian fabrics leads to a large dressing area and a very cozy bethroom with décapé oak wooden floors. This Suite measures approximately 65 to 70 square meters.
Prestige Suites Suite 5 Each Prestige Suite offers a very comfortable living space (approximately 80 square meters) decorated with Italian fabrics facing a beautiful stoned fireplace. At the entrance, you will find a guest bathroom. Located a few steps away is the master bedroom with its oversized bed overlooking the gardens, the chapel, and the surrounding vineyards. The breathtaking view and the fireplace provide a great level of relaxation and peace.
Deluxe Rooms with Mezzanine Room 5 Our Deluxe Room with Mezzanine features a comfortable space in a refined decor. Views from this type of room vary from vineyards to olive grove hills. The bedroom leads to a very luxurious bathroom and a small staircase leading to a sitting area provides you with the great coziness of a countryside duplex. Size is around 50 - 55 square meters.
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