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JK Place, Capri
Location: Capri - Italy
Profile:  EIT236
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Hideaways' Review
Following closely on the heels of its internationally acclaimed sister, JK Place Florence, this trendy and ultra-sophisticated gem set into the cliffs on the stunning island of Capri has every right to dabble in snobbery—but it doesn't. Staying at JK Place Capri is like visiting at the private seaside villa of a charming—albeit very rich—favorite uncle. Warm, intimate, and inviting, the picture-perfect 22-room hotel occupies a locale on the Marina Grande coastline that once was chosen by Emperor Tiberius as the site of one of his villas. It's no wonder. Sitting on your balcony, suspended above the craggy coastline with dramatic views of Mt. Vesuvius, you'll feel as if you?re surveying your own private kingdom as far as the eye can see.

The Mediterranean's seaworthy charm extends to the inside as well. Designed by Florentine architect Michele Bonan, the spacious rooms are enveloped in shades of warm cream, sunny yellow, and nautical blue, and reflect the sea's play of light and color with imaginative, contemporary flair; with their plush bedding and huge marble-and-tile baths, they invite you to linger to a ridiculously late hour. And in a neat twist of hospitality, you can enjoy the hotel's excellent Mediterranean menu wherever you wish: in your room, on the panoramic terrace, or in one of the elegant salons. In fact, JK Place Capri is almost too comfortable; if you're not careful, you'll forget to head outside and explore the ravishingly beautiful island. But before you do head outdoors, be sure to confer with the outstanding staff regarding the best places to eat and sightsee; they'll make sure your excursions are nothing less than magnifico.
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