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Hotel Victor
Location: Florida - United States
Profile:  EFL819
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Hideaways' Review
If you're looking for the sexiest trend in Miami Beach, look no further than Hotel Victor, a glitzy see-and-be-seen that employs a 24-hour "Vibe Manager" rather than a concierge, and refers to its many indulgences as "V-Spots". Located directly across from the silken sands of South Beach and adjacent to the former Versace Mansion, Victor brings hyper style and rich, velvety substance to infamous Ocean Drive. Rejecting the sparse "Miami Modernism" that holds sway in most of the city's newer hotels, Victor instead showcases opulence and drama, artfully mixing its Art Deco roots with modern Euro appeal. You'll feel the magnetic lure of the sumptuous lobby's groupings of curvy banquettes and sofas washed in shades of purple and green, separated by floating, filmy, floor-to-ceiling curtains. Glowing, beaded light fixtures cast shapes eerily similar to the live jellyfish that shimmer and swim in glass encasements.

Dive into the South Beach party scene right there in your Hotel Victor room with its plush textures, full (not mini) bar, cutting-edge surround sound, and panoramic views of the Atlantic. Or never miss a beat from a Pool Bungalow, with its private outdoor showers and terraces leading to the rimless oceanview pool. Rub elbows with Gens X and Y at the swanky Mediterranean-inspired Vix bistro or Vue, the outdoor ceviche bar. And when you've had enough of people watching, sneak away to the 6,000-square-foot Spa V and Fitness Club, to indulge in private, pampering Parisian spa treatments. Just don't expect a solo experience in the Turkish hammam; like much of the beach scene that is distinctly South Beach, it's communal, unisex, and au naturel.
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