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Belmond Hotel Monasterio
Location: Cuzco - Peru
Profile:  TPU104
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Hideaways' Review
Fine cuisine in the cloisters. Lavish linens and marble-lined bathrooms in the once-austere quarters. Drinks served by the massive fireplace beneath the graceful stone arches of an ancient hall. The monks who studied and practiced their devotions here in centuries past would barely recognize it.

Capitalizing on its historic 1592 structure and character, the Belmond Hotel Monasterio preserves the sense of being a self-contained oasis amid the red-tiled roofs of Cuzco. A fountain plays in the central courtyard gardens, overlooked by inviting benches and surrounded by the arcade of the former cloisters. The narrowness of the guest rooms, many with stone walls and exposed wood ceiling beams, recalls their former inhabitants—but the monks could only have dreamed of furnishings this plush, or of individual climate control in each room, or of multi-room suites, or of an aromatic rose-petal strewn bath "served" by a bath butler. There's no stinting of comfort these days at the Belmond Hotel Monasterio: guests can even have the atmosphere of their rooms oxygen-enriched to help combat altitude sickness. One place where the monks would definitely feel at home: the fabulously ornate chapel, perfect for an all-stops-out wedding with its elaborate carvings and gold filigree.

As commodious as Belmond Hotel Monasterio is, you won't want to remain sequestered forever—not with the fascinating city of Cuzco around you, and the must-see sights of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu calling. The hotel and its parent company's concierge service can smoothly arrange all such excursions, and even book you into a sister hotel in Machu Picchu, so you needn't rush through the experience before returning. Devotion to service, indeed.
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