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Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel
Location: Rincon - Puerto Rico
Profile:  EWI1201
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4.3 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
Graceful, low-slung buildings with red-tiled roofs and expansive verandas . . . canopied four-poster beds and traditional furniture of mahogany and teak . . . limestone and marble floors and the ornate tilework of the Blue Room . . . You could almost believe you’re living in a centuries-old hacienda. The utter lack of intrusions such as televisions and phones in the guest rooms heightens the sense of having opened the door on yesteryear. But in fact, the Horned Dorset Primavera is of far more recent vintage—which simply means that, in addition to antique furniture and an ambience evoking Spain’s glory days of empire, guests enjoy such modern comforts as ceiling fans, air conditioning, and endless hot water to fill the claw-foot bathtubs.

Inviting suites are scattered among the main house, the newer Casa Escondida, and a handful of private villas that spill down the hillside toward a sliver of beach edging the placid Caribbean. Many have their own plunge pools; all have marvelous views from a private terrace or balcony. While there are various diversions nearby which the staff is happy to arrange—fishing, snorkeling, sightseeing, golf—this is the kind of place where you simply settle in and revel in the serenity. Looking for company? Join Pompidou the parrot in the library/bar, or choose a chaise by one of the two main swimming pools. Excellent food? Linger over lunch on the great house veranda, or savor creations such as grilled tuna with black truffle and yucca in the grand formal dining room. Who needs the real world when the best of its classic comforts is right here?
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