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Belmond Grand Hotel Europe
Location: St. Petersburg - Russia
Profile:  TRU103
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Hideaways' Review
Fine opera . . . some of the world's best ballet . . . incomparable art in the treasure houses of the Hermitage museum. In a city as rich in history and culture as St. Petersburg, the century-old Belmond Grand Hotel Europe is as remarkable as its surroundings. Just blocks from Winter Palace Square, the five-story hotel maintains a grandeur that recalls the days when Rasputin dropped by for drinks and Tchaikovsky honeymooned here. Behind the stately baroque façade, the lobby's Art Nouveau interior opens onto a red-carpeted marble staircase that leads guests upward like royalty.

That exalted feeling is amplified when you dine at one of L'Europe's elevated balcony tables. Overlooking the cavernous restaurant, with its vaulted, stained-glass ceiling, you'll enjoy some of St. Petersburg's finest French and European cuisine, accompanied by outstanding musical and dance performances. The Belmond Grand Hotel hosts four additional restaurants and two cafés, from the marble-lined Caviar Bar, where roe and vodka reign supreme, to the al fresco Mezzanine Café, which is the perfect place to spend an idle morning or quiet afternoon listening to a harpist and relishing fresh breakfast pastries, light snacks, or tea. Tradition reigns in the nicely sized guest rooms, too, with classic armchairs and heavy drapes at the lofty windows—updated, of course, with all the requisite modern conveniences. Even the simplest Classic Rooms feature an entrance hall and marble tiles with under-floor heating, but for truly spectacular views, ask for a Terrace Room facing Arts Square. Here, watching the sun set over the landmark Russian Orthodox Church of the Spilt Blood, you'll be transported to another era. All told, it's enough to give you tsarist fantasies.
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