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Gozo Farmhouses
Location: Gozo - Malta
Profile:  ML102
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Hideaways' Review
About twenty years ago, two young brothers fell in love with Gozo. They decided to buy old and derelict farmhouses and renovate them in keeping with the island's image.

There are now twenty-five farmhouses all blending into the countryside with original limestone construction and interior features such as beams and arches, well-heads, shady courtyards and tiled floors. The houses look rustic with old furniture and fittings, but they have a discreet luxury.

Kitchen and bathroom fittings, bed linen and towels are top quality. Every room has a ceiling fan. The courtyards or pool areas have built-in barbecues. Finally, the service is quietly reassuring. The farmhouses are usually looked after by a neighbouring family, who not only keep everything clean, but can offer local advice about shopping, beaches, fiestas and so on.

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, Gozo, the smaller island of Malta, is approximately nine miles by five and encompasses the ideal holiday retreat.

The sea is only ten minutes from anywhere on the island. Constant, gentle currents keep it clear and clean and have made Gozo a centre for diving, fishing and all manner of water sports.

In addition, many of the 25 Gozo Farmhouses are grouped to allow for large families, multi-family rentals, or even family reunions. Combine villas for smaller groups of 9 or 10, or large groups of up to 20.
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