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Fairmont Chateau Laurier
Fairmont Hotels
Location: Ontario - Canada
Profile:  EON111
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Hideaways' Review
Who could have known that when the Titanic sank that ill-fated night in April 1912, it would change the history of a certain magnificent new hotel in Ottawa, Canada. The hotel's proud owner was Charles Melville Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway of Canada, and he was on board the Titanic, returning from England with dining room furniture for his soon-to-open hotel. Unfortunately, Hays and the male members of his party perished in the disaster; only the women, including his wife, Clara, survived.

Today, the still-grand Fairmont Chàteau Laurier rises from the center of Canada's capital, a landmark of turquoise-topped turrets and limestone masonry blocks—reminiscent of a French castle—that has impressed its guests for generations. Located next door to the city's Parliament Buildings, the Chàteau Laurier is named for the former Canadian Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who stepped in and officially opened the hotel in June 1912 in Hays' absence. An opulent, award-winning restaurant, Wilfrid's, also carries the Prime Minister's name and serves such inspired regional Canadian dishes as Anise-Seed Crusted Ontario Lamb Rack and Spiced Kanata Elk Ranch Tenderloin. The regal mood that Hays intended continues upstairs in guest rooms and suites, many with plush sitting areas, yards of drapery, and enchanting views of Parliament and the Rideau Canal. Drop into Zoe's Lounge for afternoon tea, take a dip in the hotel's distinctive Art Deco-style pool, or step outside to experience Ottawa's city center, where it seems there's always something to celebrate.

If he could see the esteem in which his beloved Chàteau Laurier is held, Charles Hays would certainly approve.
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