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Esmeralda Resort
Concorde Hotels & Resorts
Location: Orient Bay - St. Martin
Profile:  EWI1437
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Hideaways' Review
Like the vixen gypsy of the same name in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this sensuous beauty on lovely Orient Bay is both enticing and memorable (note the nearby nude beaches on this oh-so-French isle). Tucked away in your room or suite in one of Esmeralda's 18 plantation-style pastel villas, listening to the rustle of the surrounding bougainvillea and hibiscus, you may find it hard to believe you're on bustling St. Martin, renowned for its joie de vivre lifestyle as well as its fabulous beaches and food.

In fact, you?re mere steps from the action of Orient Beach, but you choose how outgoing you want to be. In a quiet mood? Lounge on your own terrace or beside your villa's private pool, getting up only to replenish your cold drink from the kitchen or cool off amid the tasteful island decor of your high-ceilinged room. Feeling more exuberant? Venture out to L'Astrolabe or the Coco Beach grill for a bite, or wander down to the welcoming chaises spread across the glistening white sands of Esmeralda's uncluttered stretch of beach. Ready to rock? Arrange for some parasailing or waterskiing, set out to visit the Butterfly Farm or climb Pic Paradis for a grand overview of the island, browse the Creole market in Marigot or the duty-free shops in Philipsburg, or plan an exciting night out at one of St. Martin's casinos. Have it your way—you can even rent an entire three- to five-room villa, making Esmeralda ideal for several couples or an extended-family getaway.
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