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Compass Point Beach Club
Island Outpost
Location: Nassau - Bahamas
Profile:  BH233
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4.4 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
Color it casual, quirky, and completely captivating. Compass Point is the kind of place where tracking sand on the floor is practically de rigueur, if any rules apply amid the fun, laissez-faire spirit of the resort. Its octagonal private cabanas, huts, and cottages are decked out in crayon-bright colors—lavender and teal, yellow and aqua—as vivid as the sparkling water visible from their ocean-view decks. Inside, washed wood paneling and wood furniture, hand-waxed batik fabrics and beaded bottles, louvered windows and ceiling fans create a rustic easy-in-the-islands atmosphere. Cable TV, CD players, and minibars provide just the right dash of modern convenience.

Life is easy indeed at Compass Point. The club has its own private beachfront as well as a swimming pool overlooking the ocean, not to mention access to famous Love Beach next door. Tasty Bahamian fusion cuisine is served in the ocean-side restaurant, and those who stay in the bi-level cottages can take advantage of an open-air kitchenette and dining terrace on ground level. Water sports including kayaking and snorkeling are on offer at the resort or nearby, and just across the street you can listen for the echoes of the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Celine Dion, and others at the Compass Point Recording Studio. Ready to "lively up yourself," in Marley’s phrase? All the excitements of Nassau and Paradise Island are just a short drive away. And after a bit of nightclubbing, gambling in the casinos, or shopping, Compass Point’s easygoing aura will make you feel you’re coming home.
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