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Cheeca Lodge and Spa
Location: Florida - United States
Profile:  EFL576
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3.9 Guest Rating
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Hideaways' Review
Go ahead—kick off your shoes. Barefoot elegance is the style of the day at Cheeca, which has been refining its unique combination of luxury, relaxation, and oceanfront diversions for more than 60 years. What's the point of shoes, after all, when you're lolling in a hammock on the secluded private beach . . . or dabbling among the hidden nooks of the saltwater lagoon . . . or melting under the skillful ministrations of a masseuse in the spa . . . or lazing on your own balcony with an icy drink, looking over the ocean or the lush gardens? The warm-toned West Indies—style decor of the rooms and suites, both chic and casual, invites the outside in and makes guests feel right at home.

You might want to put your best sneaker-clad foot forward, however, for a few occasions—when taking to the tennis courts, for instance, or bracing your feet against the deck while wrestling a tarpon into submission on a sportfishing excursion. Islamorada is known for its superb sportfishing, and Cheeca Lodge has long been the resort of choice for avid anglers, including former president George H. W. Bush and celebrities like Paul Newman and Jack Nicklaus. Of course, footwear is de rigueur for dining in Cheeca's sophisticated restaurants, including Atlantic's Edge for succulent fresh seafood, the Italian-accented Limoncello, and Nikai for sushi. But no one will bat an eye when the shoes come off for a romantic late-night stroll down the pier or along the silky beach in the moonlight.
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