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Chateau Eza
Stein Hotels
Location: French Riviera - France
Profile:  EFR215
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Hideaways' Review
Long before there were skyscrapers, the inhabitants of Éze took to the heights in a village that seems to brush the Mediterranean sky. Clinging to a corniche, or cliff, with vertiginous views over the coast and the sea, the village feels like a medieval throwback with its ancient stone houses and cobblestone streets too narrow for cars—and 400-year-old Château Eza, almost at the pinnacle of the village, has its share of historic flavor and then some.

Imagine walking through arched stone passageways and up crooked flights of steps to reach the private entrance of your room. Imagine rooms that somehow combine rough stone walls and rustic exposed wood beams with rich rugs and old-fashioned fabrics, fine antique tables and cushy modern furnishings to evoke luxe, updated versions of traditional country French style, and with, naturally, the de rigueur additions of air conditioning, satellite TV, and Internet access subtly worked in. Imagine having a fire in your own fireplace, or breakfasting on your private balcony with a gentle breeze blowing and the world at your feet through the wrought-iron railing.

Such noble fantasies are the stuff of reality at Château Eza, which has been a cherished retreat for the aristocratic elite throughout its long history. And we haven't even mentioned the smooth, suave service that seems to spring from the same centuries-long tradition. Or the award-winning restaurant, where the fine French/Mediterranean cuisine is rivaled only by the panoramas from the dining terraces or the dining room with its retractable glass roof. Or the remarkable variety of cognacs and armagnacs offered in the lounge bar. Or the fact that all the enticements of the Côte d'Azur, from the casinos of Monaco to the perfect beaches, are yours for the taking. What more does a medieval-modern fantasy need?
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