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Blue Waters
Location: Antigua - Antigua & Barbuda
Profile:  TWI1442
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Hideaways' Review
Close your eyes and catch the refreshing sea breeze on your face. Take a deep breath and relax to the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore. Let's face it, the only thing that's going to get you to put down that cocktail and exert yourself is the thought of a dip in the enticing turquoise sea just steps from your plush lounge chair. This is life at Blue Waters, a classic Caribbean retreat created with the singular purpose of nurturing your soul. And the fact that it's tucked away on a series of small, secluded coves lined with powder-white beaches and rustling palm trees only further adds to the promise of privacy and peaceful serenity.

Once in a state of "paradise found," you'll be ready to settle into your lovely hillside or beachfront room or junior suite. Or perhaps one of the spacious Cove Suites, tucked away in a private hillside setting, better suits your needs with extras like plush linens, freshwater infinity pools, and wide-sweeping views of the Caribbean. Then there's the ultimate indulgence, a stay at Rock Cottage, perched on a rocky outcropping and surrounded by "blue waters" on three sides. This exquisite and extremely private five-bedroom villa teases your pleasure with its bay-view sundecks, secluded Jacuzzi® and plunge pool, sensuous bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, and dedicated housekeeping staff. Who could resist this setting for an intimate wedding party or fabulous family gathering?

As its name implies, Blue Waters is a haven of sea-oriented delights. You can swim, sail, snorkel, and windsurf, ride horseback along the beach, charter a sailboat excursion, and enjoy spa treatments with enticing names like Water Lily Wrap and Natural Sea Salt Scrub. Even your dining options are a cornucopia of fresh fruits of the sea, from tuna and wahoo to succulent Antiguan lobster. And at day's end, you'll no doubt want to wander over to the Pelican Bar for an Antiqua Kiss cocktail and a little dancing under the stars—beachfront, of course.
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