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Bitter End Yacht Club
Location: Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands
Profile:  EWI690
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Hideaways' Review
Imagine waking to the gentle slap-slap of wavelets against the side of your boat, and facing the most important decision of the day: to make coffee in the galley and laze on deck, or head over to the yacht club for a full breakfast before plotting your course for the day? If this is your idea of vacation paradise, set sail immediately for the Bitter End. This one-of-a-kind resort, in a secluded deepwater bay reachable only by boat, is a water-lover's wonderland with every kind of water sport imaginable. Sailors make it a regular port of call. On-shore accommodations give other visitors plenty of places to anchor, including beachfront villas, secluded bungalow suites on the hill, and even a grand estate house. The whole place, from guest rooms to restaurants, has a winning island-casual combination of comfort, class, and camaraderie—perfect for what really brings everyone together here: the amazing outdoors. Climb on a windsurfer, or sign up for a scuba or snorkeling excursion. Learn to sail on a Sunfish, or commandeer a larger boat and test your skill in a regatta. See what your catch of the day is on a deep-sea or bone-fishing charter, or beachcomb for finds closer to home on the white sand beach. Use of the club's main fleet and many activities are part of the package rate, including an extensive kids' program that makes the Bitter End especially family-friendly. No wonder so many loyal visitors make this a home port year after year.
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