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Belmond Sanctuary Lodge
Location: Cuzco - Peru
Profile:  TPU102
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Hideaways' Review
What must it have felt like to live at Machu Picchu in the rarefied atmosphere of the towering Andes, amid grand stone temples and palaces with the terraced green fields cascading away toward the Sacred Valley below? Thanks to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, visitors have the rare chance to stay right at the mystical site, watching the moonlight or the sunrise over the mountains, soaking up the magical feeling of this compelling place.

Unassuming from the outside—it's designed to fit in with its landscape, and has a "green" policy including water purification and recycling to lower its impact on the environment—the lodge maintains a kind of understated luxury that coddles its guests unobtrusively. Its rooms, while not large, are harmonious and inviting; most offer either a patio or wonderful views. Everything here is focused where it should be: on the experience of Machu Picchu all around. The lavish lunch buffet at the Tinkuy restaurant is eaten at tables overlooking the mountains. The lodge's serene gardens, planted with native species, offer a perfect place to sit and meditate on the gorgeous landscape. And, of course, there are the ruins of Machu Picchu literally at your feet, waiting to be explored, and challenging hikes in the surrounding mountains.

And when all the other visitors have filed back to the trains to make their way back to Cuzco, lodge guests get to feast on Andean specialties and international cuisine in the Tampu restaurant and linger over a drink in the bar, then rise the next morning to the sun on the mountains.
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