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Belmond Safaris - Khwai River Lodge
Location: Botswana
Profile:  TAF122
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Hideaways' Review
Tucked away in the remote Northern Botswana wilderness are three unspoiled and distinctly different environments that shelter fascinating and diverse wildlife, from the tiny Rhino Beetle to the most massive and powerful elephants in the world. This is where Belmond has chosen to unobtrusively open a window onto the world of African safaris, where you'll glimpse lions sauntering through the grasslands and hear the low grunts of hippos at a watering hole. Here, you'll experience the circle of life—prey and predator in their natural surroundings—all the while enjoying the comforts of three intimate and distinct luxury tented camps that host just a handful of privileged guests.

Each safari retreat has a personality all its own: Savute Elephant Lodge in Chobe National Park, often referred to as the elephant capital of the world; Khwai River Lodge in the wildlife-rich Moremi Game Reserve, known for its high concentration of predators; and Eagle Island Lodge in the Okavango Delta region, a water-themed hideaway popular for its exotic birds and for game viewing by mokoro (traditional dugout canoe). Equally unique are the adventures each camp affords, from exhilarating boat and helicopter excursions to hauntingly beautiful moonlight safaris and stargazing under a crystal-clear night sky.

Every day, as the shadows of the grasslands begin to lengthen, you'll be greeted by attentive staff who hand you a chilled beverage and serve a delicious dinner, while you settle in to chat with fellow guests about the day's sightings. As the wine and stories flow, you might even be treated to the lilting voices of your camp guides weaving tales of the bush around a campfire. Then it's off to your raised-platform tent, complete with air-conditioning, sliding-glass doors, and en suite bathroom, for a well-deserved night's sleep and sweet dreams of your safari journey.
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