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Alila Villas Uluwatu
Location: Bali - Indonesia
Profile:  TIO133
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Hideaways' Review
How will you ever return to indoor living? All day, breezes waft through your tranquil villa, carrying with them the sounds of breakers sweeping in from the sea below. At night, it's almost unthinkable to close the wide doors between your bedroom and the outside world. Strategically placed sun lounges and café tables lure you out to your very own pool, where a private cabana with a plush couch offers an endless ocean view. Toward evening, the resort's larger Sunset Cabana invites you to sink back into a settee, cocktail in hand, feeling virtually suspended in midair as you drink in the molten sunset across the Indian Ocean. And oh, those romantic starlit dinners on the terrace at Warung restaurant!

Poised on a plateau above limestone cliffs, Alila Villas Uluwatu feels like a private and very exclusive aerie. Its single-bedroom and three-bedroom family villas, blending rich local woods, rattan, and stone into a luxe minimalist decor, are arranged in such a way that you're barely aware of other guests. If you really want to hide away, just call on your personal butler to summon up whatever you desire. Of course, you'll have to emerge sometime, if only to visit the spa for an avocado and coconut hair bath or a classic Balinese massage. And you really ought to make your way down to the private beach, or venture a short distance to the scrumptious white-sand beaches at Balangan, Dreamland, and Padang-Padang (absolute meccas for surfers—but newbies, beware the challenging big waves!). Now that you're getting into the swing of things, the leisure concierge can book outings for you—boutique shopping, music, and traditional dance in Nusa Dua, or maybe a "journey of enlightenment" to clifftop Uluwatu Temple nearby—and organize chauffeur service as needed.

Perhaps best of all, though, is returning to your breezy and luxurious nest at the end of the day and letting yourself be lulled by the croaking of geckos and the distant crash of surf. Relax. Breathe. You may never want to close the windows again.
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