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What's Up, Doc
By Hideaways Staff

You've heard it in the news: cruise ships returning to shore prematurely because of the Norwalk Virus. While none of our partner cruise liners have fallen prey to a Norwalk epidemic, we asked a travel doctor for some advice.

"Norwalk virus spreads in the community, and only becomes a problem quickly on a boat because everyone stays in one location for a period of time," said Dr. Robert McLellan, a former cruise doctor who advises patients at the Equinox Travel Health Clinic in Portsmouth, N.H.

According to Dr. McLellan, symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting, and last for about two days. His advice is the same any smart mother would give: "the most important thing is good hand-washing—and often."

Dr. McLellan offered other tips.

Spring 2003

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