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Make Mine An "Open Jaw"
By Hideaways Staff

The next time you plan a combo destination trip to Mexico, consider making it an "open jaw." That is, have your Hideaways Travel Services agent book you in through one airport and out another—sometimes for not much more than it would cost in and out of the same airport. Here?s how it works, according to our travel insider, Pancho Shiell of Mexico Elegante.

Shiell told us about a recent "open jaw" trip he took that started in the colonial city of Morelia, in the central highlands just outside of Mexico City, and ended up in the Pacific beachside community of Zihuatanejo. First, he flew into Morelia, staying at the beautiful hilltop estate of Villa Montaña. After several days enjoying the local scenery and architecture—to say nothing of the wonderful food—it was time to move to the beach. The resort arranged for a driver to transport several guests, including Shiell, to Villa del SolTHC in Zihuatanejo—in the past an 11-hour drive, but now only about 3 1/2 hours, thanks to a brand-new superhighway tollroad. "It used to be all horrible switchbacks—a death-defying road," says Shiell. "Now it?s wide and beautiful, and very scenic."

Fall 2002

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