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Italy Hideaways Style
By Hideaways Staff

Art and architecture, vineyards and olive groves, canals and gondoliers, calamari and fettuccine—this, and more, is Italy, a warm and welcoming country whose history and culture are a rich blend of the influences of multiple civilizations, the ancient Etruscans, Romans, Byzantines, Lombards and Franks.

It is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the age of great scientists, artists, authors and musicians, the likes of Galileo, Michelangelo, Dante, and the ultimate Renaissance man, Da Vinci.

It is the place for visitors to immerse themselves in the Renaissance, the cuisine, the countryside, "la dolce vita."

Tuscany and Umbria, more than any other regions in Italy, capture the quintessence of "la dolce vita." The countryside here exudes a sense of sublime tranquility. Gentle rolling hills dotted with parasol pines or spread with olive groves and vineyards blend with pastures and lightly wooded areas. Red-roofed villages connected by winding roads nnestle in valleys, while solemn forts and ancient missions dominate higher mountains.

Winter 1994

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