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Getting to Know Paris Neighborhoods
By Hideaways Staff

When picking your Parisian accommodations, it helps to understand the city's layout. Paris is organized into 20 arrondissements—or neighborhoods—each characterized by different sights and distinctive flavors.

Charming and artsy, the 3eme and 4eme arrondissements—home to the chic Marais district, and the new Opera Bastille near Le Pavillon hotel—have gained a Soho-like feel in recent years.

The 8eme, while a bit further from the city center, boasts the Champs-Elysees, designer shops, and luxury hotels, including the Hotel Balzac and Le Marignan.

The upper-class 16eme provides a quiet respite near the busy city center; look for its peaceful parks, exclusive shops, and elegant Le Parc and The Baltimore hotels.

Criss-crossed with bus and metro lines to whisk you to other parts of the city, these neighborhoods offer a palette of enticing home bases.

For more details, browse through your Hideaways library for the article, "Paris Par Arrondissement," which appeared in the Spring/Summer 1993 Guide, or call 888-843-4433 for a copy.

Winter 1998

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