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Fore-Star Hideaways For A Special Golf Vacation
By Hideaways Staff

With so many resorts geared toward pleasing all the avid golfers, it's hard to choose just one for that special golf vacation. Get the lowdown from Hideaways Founder, Mike Thiel, on four (no pun intended) extraordinary golf resorts offering a little something extra.

Start your search in Puerto Rico at this massive resort spread across 500 acres. Choose from one of four unique resort environments for your accommodations and one of nine restaurants for a fabulous dining experience. If you're planning to golf every day, don't take any chances with the weather; head to this elegant accommodation blessed with 360 days of sunshine a year. For a little extra privacy, travel to the Caribbean and stay in your very own vacation rental with a full staff and private pool. Or enjoy some southern hospitality at this last accommodation, close to South Carolina's Grand Strand.

Summer 2003

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