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First-Time Cruiser's Report: A Cruise Vacation Can Be Addictive
By Cliff Murphy

We've been singing the praises of cruising for decades. Correction: we've been singing the praises of small-ship cruising for decades. And we're not alone. Read what cruise veterans and first-timers have to say about the benefits of seeing the world from your private balcony on a prestigious, intimate cruise ship. Whether you seek luxury travel, endless daytime activities, nightly entertainment, or simply relaxing, most likely you'll find it on a cruise vacation.

Discover how our members were pleasantly surprised by the private accommodations, excellent cuisine, and varied shore excursions on several of these cruise lines and why a cruise vacation can be an ideal option for a family vacation. Lastly, read Hideaways' top five reasons for taking your next vacation on a cruise ship.

Winter 2002

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