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Caribbean Et Cetera
By Hideaways Staff


There are many Caribbean islands we just don?t have the space or the in-depth knowledge to report on thoroughly in this newsletter. Our favorites among this group are Barbados and the Bahamas. Clean, comfortable Barbados wears its British influence on its sleeve. In our opinion, there are not a lot of must-see attractions, but that?s part of why we like it— that, combined with the prevalence of staffed villas, makes this island a relaxing retreat.

The 700 islands making up the British commonwealth of the Bahamas offer a huge variety, from the nonstop nightlife of capital Nassau and Paradise Island to true hideaways such as the Abacos and Long Island. Eleuthera, a Nantucket in the tropics, is our favorite.

As for the rest of the Caribbean islands, they are are either not popular with members, or we simply haven?t had the time to visit them, or both. However, we do offer a brief synopsis of their characters below.

Fall 2001

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