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Bay Area Fun
By Peg Aaronian

Pick up any guidebook or the Where San Francisco magazine to see what's on; you'll find a host of things to see and do. And don't forget to tap into the know-how of your hotel concierge; the Pan Pacific staff recommends calling before you arrive for a shot at securing hard-to-get dinner reservations or theater tickets.

A car is a liability in San Francisco. Traffic, the expense and hassle of parking (especially on the steep hills), and the price of gas (it was more than $2.20/gallon in March, 2000) made walking and using public transportation extremely attractive. We rode the buses, trolleys, taxis, and the BART everywhere. Hints: your bus ticket is good for a round trip or transfer; save the stub. BART tickets are like debit cards; when you buy one, put enough value on it to cover the fares you expect to pay that day and you won't have to find change for tickets at each station.

Here are a few sightseeing suggestions:>

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