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By Hideaways Staff

ISLANDS: Antigua, Barbuda, Redonda LANGUAGE: English CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean dollar GOVERNMENT: Independent monarchy WEB SITE: — Antigua SIZE: 108 sq. mi. (14 mi. x 11 mi.) POPULATION: 66,422 — Barbuda SIZE: 62 sq. mi. (15 mi. x 8 mi.) POPULATION: 1,500

Active Antigua

At 108 square miles and with a population of 65,000, this is the most developed and visited of the British Leeward Islands. St. John, its capital, is home to about 45 percent of its population and is a bustling city with some, but not a great deal of, charm. Antigua is especially popular with Brits and Europeans who are only too happy to trade their drab winters for the warm trade winds, predictable sunshine (Antigua experiences only about 30 inches of rain a year), and 365 beaches that fringe the island. It is also a favorite destination for cruise ships—three mega-cruise ships were docked at Heritage Quay the day we passed through town. The fact that this is one of the more developed and busier islands of the Caribbean would not, at first, recommend it as a hideaway. But if you know where to look, Antigua does harbor its share of idyllic and sybaritic escapes.

Fall 2001

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