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Rare and almost beyond imagining, the beauty of these far-flung destinations is worth every bit of effort it takes to get here. For once you?ve arrived, among seemingly endless oceans of water and tropical jungle, you?ll discover a fascinating and exotic way of life that has stood the test of time . . . unhurried and gracious in its hospitality, yet full of stimulating and evocative sights and sounds.

Swim in the soothing turquoise waters of a tropical lagoon. Trek through rugged countryside ringed by snow-capped mountains. Succumb to a massage in your beachfront, Fijian-style bure. Stay in the former palace of a wealthy Maharaja, surrounded by opulence and royal memories. Above all, let your mind and body be refreshed by the tranquility and warmth of the South Pacific, the exotic flavors of Asia, and the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand.

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Five Thrilling Reasons to Visit Bali

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