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The Big Island And Lanai: Reasons To Return
By Mike Thiel

So many islands, so little time! Hideaways Founder Mike Thiel wasn't able to squeeze in the Big Island and Lanai on this vacation to Hawaii, but he gives plenty of reasons for returning. The Big Island alone is home to 11 out of 13 climactic regions, so you can surf and ski on the same day. Diversity isn't in the climate alone; the Big Island is home to the world's largest orchid industry, a privately owned cattle ranch, and a living volcano. Lanai, once thought to be haunted by evil spirits, offers curious travelers remote Shipwreck Beach. Both islands offer plenty of golf, hiking, unspoiled places to explore, and endless options for accommodations. Experience true luxury travel at one Big Island accommodation that offers elegant vacation rentals with resort privileges. Or stay at another hotel on Lanai with upcountry plantation ambiance and refined elegance.

Fall/Winter 2000

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