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Greece: Savoring The Good Life
By Mike Thiel

In a world that is complex and moves at whirlwind speed, we all long for a slower pace and simple pleasures. Therein lies the appeal of Greece.

When I think of Greece—especially the islands—I see primary colors . . . a warm-yellow sun in a deep-blue sky . . . rainbow-colored fishing boats floating on a cobalt sea . . . bright white churches topped with crimson or sky-blue domes. And as a backdrop to all this color, landscapes of umber.

I think about simply delicious taverna meals and uncomplicated wines savored at an easy pace. I think about the people, as warm and welcoming as the Greek sun.

About the only things that I do find complicated about Greece are its history and mythology. For the life of me, I can never remember which battles were fought where and between what city states, or what god ran away with what nymph. Greek lore and antiquities always add a fascinating dimension to my visits, but it's a good thing there are no final exxams at the end of my stays.

In fact, all that Greece asks of you or me is that we come, revel in its past glories, bask in its beauty, and enjoy today.

Spring/Summer 2001

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