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From The Helm - Hideaways Aficionado
By Mike Thiel

The dictionary defines an aficionado as "an ardent devotee; fan or enthusiast." When we were in the early stages of "reinventing" Hideaways InternationalTM this past year, we were casting around for a new name to capture the essence of our unique travel club. We considered lots of possibilities but then struck on Hideaways Aficionado club. It seemed like the perfect choice!

The name, in fact, came from our experience over the past 25 years helping people plan vacations that were a little different or a little off the beaten track. We've conducted a lot of surveys of our members over that time and spoken personally to even more of you. It turns out our members are a very diverse bunch. You come from almost all age groups and income brackets. You earn your living by all manner of trades and professions; you live a variety of lifestyles, from rural to urban and suburban; some of you are Republicans, others Democrats, and many, we're sure, are Independents.

What we've found over the years is that the common bond among members is your passion for travel-especially travel that takes you away from the masses--your enthusiasm for discovery, and also the importance you put on doing things your own personal way. And, of course, all of this is tempered by your gusto for the good life, the best of places and food, and lodgings from which to enjoy them. So, you see, a Hideaways Aficionado is the perfect name to describe you.

Fall/Winter 2004

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