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Experience Bavaria: Germany's Year Round Playground
By Mike Thiel

Planning to travel to Europe, but looking for new ideas on where to spend your vacation? Add Bavaria, Germany?s largest state, to your list of top travel destinations. You?ll find a travel style to meet most everyone's needs, from adventure travel to luxury travel, every season of the year and every style in between. Follow along as Mike Thiel, founder of Hideaways International, tours the world's largest golf school, visits spa resorts with natural hot springs and spa facilities unlike anywhere else in the world, and first class hotels in city centers and the countryside. After a brief stay in Munich, at one of the finest luxury hotels, and a stop at the city?s best beer hall, Mike continues on to the German Alps for some sightseeing, shopping, and adventures in dining. Gain insight on the finest luxury hotel on "that side" of the Alps and why you might want to bring a German dictionary.

Spring/Summer 2005

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